Research on Immigrant/Refugee Education


The Carleton-Faribault PAR project builds on many years of collaboration between Faribault School District and the two colleges in Northfield, MN: Carleton College and St. Olaf College. In Fall 2020, co-PI Anita Chikkatur taught a course entitled “Refugee and Immigrant Experiences in Faribault, MN,” a course that was co-designed by her and two faculty members at St. Olaf College (Professors Heather Campbell and Jill A Watson). While the course had to be adapted to a virtual environment because of COVID, the students had a chance to talk with members of the Latinx parent and Somali young adult PAR research teams in Faribault and to hear directly about their experiences in Faribault. One option for the final project for this course involved students conducting literature reviews and creating annotated bibliographies about topics related broadly to immigrant and refugee education in the U.S. These bibliographies provide a broader academic perspective on many of the issues being faced by school districts such as Faribault. 

For each topic, the students provided a list of search teams and databases used in case people want to explore the topic further; a summary of their findings from the literature review; an annotated bibliography of the sources they found; and links when available to open source documents (which means that you do not need to pay for accessing the articles).


Issues in Special Education: Immigration and Parental Involvement

Eddie LeMaster

No Child Left Behind and English Language Learners

Arlo Hettle

Belonging in Schools: Supporting the Academic Potential of Immigrant and Refugee Students through Social Support

Nariah-Belle Sims

Mental Health, Immigration, and Education

Zoe Poolos

Latinx Parents’ Partnerships with Schools

Ana Pina Marcelino and Clarissa Guzman

An Overview of Trauma-Informed Education for Students with Refugee Backgrounds

Emma Shedd

Somali Students’ Educational Discrepancies

Venecia Mitchell

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy with Refugee and Immigrant Youth through Place- and Art-based Approaches

Ooi Win Wen